Hang Me Down


500 ml Retail price R245.10

Hang Me Down is used to control fly-away coats and to make the coat hang down heavier.  Hang Me Down works especially well when used with Wampum Anti-static Spray at the show.  Hang Me Down is completely non oily.

For the best effect in the coat, you need to condition the coat before adding Hang Me Down or you need to add Wampum Show Rinse or a little conditioner in the final rinse with Hang Me Down.  Hang Me Down needs a little oiliness in the coat to properly coacervate/bond onto the hair shaft.  You will find that it tends to "absorb" a little of the oiliness from the conditioning agents.

Instructions: Shampoo and condition the coat.  In the final rinse, add about 5ml-25ml Hang Me Down.  Rinse through the coat.  Dry as normal.  Hang Me Down may be combined with Wampum Show Rinse in the final rinse.