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Conditioning shampoo concentrate 500ml (makes 2.5 litres)
  Conditioning shampoo concentrate 300ml (makes 1.5 litres)
Harsh coat shampoo concentrate 500ml (makes 2.5 litres)
Whitening & brightening shampoo 500ml (makes 10 litres)
  Pump-It-Up volumising shampoo 500ml (makes 1 litre)
  Cat degreaser 500ml (makes 1 litre)
Self rinse shampoo 1 litre
Conditioning rinse concentrate 500ml (10-20 applications)
Limited edition conditioner 500ml
  Magic rinse (for cats) (10-20 applications)
Silk spray concentrate 250ml (makes 4 litres)
Miracle grooming spray (single strength) 500ml
Miracle grooming spray (double strength) 500ml
Instant slip & sheen spray 250ml
  Show rinse 500ml (makes 5 litres)
Antistatic spray 200ml
Hang Me Down 500ml
  Finish 250ml
Hand-stripping powder 200g
Fine boric acid powder 200g
Ultra light coat oil 250ml
  Coat oil #II 250ml
  Water-soluble coat oil 250ml
Whitening violet rinse concentrate 100ml (200 applications)
Microfine whitening powder 200g
Microfine whitening powder 400g
White cover-up muti 175ml
Volumising rinse 400ml
  Texturising root lift 500ml
Protein treatment 500ml
Leave-in protein treatment 500ml
Anti-bacterial mouth spray 50ml
  Anti-bacterial mouth spray refill 200ml
  Antiseptic ear powder 50ml
Soothing skin spray 300ml
Fragaria Vesca 30g
Fragaria Vesca 50g
Mist bottle 50ml
  Mist bottle 100ml
  Mist bottle 125ml
  Mist bottle 200ml
500ml plastic trigger spray bottle
  1 litre plastic trigger spray bottle
  Dilution bottle
  Pump dispenser plus bottle
Small Wampum pin brush
Medium Wampum pin brush
Large Wampum pin brush
Wampum porcupine brush
  Wampum econo small brush
Wampum econo oval brush
Wampum econo oblong brush
Wampum natural bristle brush
Maxi pin brush
Oblong Maxi pin brush
Small Maxi pin brush
SUPER Maxi pin brush
Special edition pin brush
  Small oval beechwood 35mm pins
  Oblong beechwood 35mm pins
Large wild boar brush
Small wild boar brush
  Tiny wild boar brush
  Natural bristle brush 1
  Natural bristle brush 2
Ultra soft natural bristle brush
  Baby natural bristle brush
  Baby 75% goat hair brush
  Baby extra soft pure goat hair brush
  Baby brush blue
  Baby brush white
  Large soft pin slicker brush
  Medium hard pin slicker brush
  Face comb
  Greyhound comb
Hair dryer (2200 Watt)

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