Wampum Products

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Conditioning shampoo concentrate
Harsh coat shampoo concentrate
Whitening & brightening shampoo
Pump-It-Up (volumising) shampoo
Cat degreaser
Self rinse shampoo

Conditioning rinse concentrate
Limited edition conditioner
Magic rinse (mostly for cats)

Grooming sprays
Silk spray concentrate
Miracle grooming spray
Instant slip & sheen spray
Show rinse
Antistatic spray
Hang Me Down

Grooming aids
Hand-stripping powder
Fine boric acid powder

Coat oils
Ultra light coat oil
Coat oil # II
Water-soluble coat oil

Whitening and brightening preparations
Whitening violet rinse concentrate
Microfine whitening powder
White cover-up muti

Volumisers & texturisers
Volumising rinse
Texturising root lift

Protein treatments

Health care products
Anti-bacterial mouth spray
Soothing skin spray
Antiseptic ear powder
Fragaria Vesca 30X  

Plastic utility bottles
Trigger sprays
Fine-mist pocket sprays
Dilution bottle

Grooming tools
Elastic bands

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