Protein treatment

Rinse out (contains a quaternized protein)

Leave in (contains a hydrolyzed protein)

500ml (rinse-out) OUT OF STOCK Retail price R216.60
Instructions: Mix 100ml of this treatment with 400ml of lukewarm water.  Apply to the wet coat after shampooing.  Wrap the coat in a towel and keep warm for 10 minutes to an hour (longer for a more intensive treatment or for hair that has to feel coarse to the touch).  Rinse and condition or style as normal.

The protein in this rinse-out treatment is the best and most expensive functionalized protein available for hair care.  The protein is a relatively small molecule and can penetrate the hair shaft to strengthen it.

This intensive treatment is done about once a month.


500ml (leave-in) Retail price R125.40

Instructions: Mix 20-50ml of this treatment with 450ml of lukewarm water.  Apply to the wet coat after shampooing and conditioning.  Do not rinse out.  Style as normal.

The protein in this leave-in treatment is not functionalized, but the small molecule is still able to adhere to the hair shaft and enhance the way the coat feels and hangs.

This treatment can be left in even on a show day.