Pump-It-Up (volumising) shampoo


500ml (makes 1 litre) Retail price R176.70

A super volumising shampoo especially meant for Poodles, Spitz breeds and all other double coated breeds.  A medium mild shampoo with a low viscosity to easily penetrate to the skin in double coated breeds.  The shampoo contains 4 different volumising agents, a natural polymeric derivative, a synthetic cationic polymer, a natural cationic polymer and a cationic protein molecule.

Instructions: Rinse the coat thoroughly with lukewarm water.  Dilute the shampoo by mixing one part shampoo with one part warm water.  Apply to wet coat and lather well.  Rinse thoroughly.

Best volume results will be achieved if Wampum Pump-It-Up Shampoo is used in combination with Wampum Volumising Rinse and/or Wampum Texturising Root Lift, both the latter to be applied to the roots of the hairs when the coat is still wet.