Texturising root lift spray


300ml Retail price R125.40

This is a super new product!  The formulation is ultra modern, using the latest synthetic cationic polymers available internationally for hair care.  The formulation is 100% aqueous implying this texturiser is one of the first to cause no build-up of polyquats in the hair - a major formulation revolution!  The fact that the formulation is aqueous based not only has long-term "zero build-up" benefits, but it is environmentally friendly and for the first time allows the incorporation of Panthenol into a spritz formulation.  This spray will not only texturise and volumise the hair, but is really good for the hair in the long run.  Amazing!!

A supreme hold spritz spray containing a modern cationic polymer and Panthenol.

Instructions: Apply to the roots of the wet coat before drying.  Re-apply as many times as required to dry hair for texturising, volumising or sculpting purposes.

Best volume results will be achieved if used in combination with Wampum Pump-It-Up Shampoo.

Best texturising results will be achieved when used in combination with Wampum Harsh Coat Shampoo.