Show rinse

500ml (makes 5 litres) Retail price R176.70

The best final show rinse ever for long coats!  No static, no fly-away, no oiliness and supreme heat activation and protection for stretch blow-drying and ironing.  The show rinse can be used on its own or can be added to your existing final rinse solution.

Instructions:  Mix 50ml of the show rinse with 500ml water to prepare a supreme final show rinse.  One of the ingredients of the rinse is heat activated, thus take care to prepare the rinse as follows: first add 250ml cold water and then add 250ml hot water to make up a luke-warm rinse.  Rinse through the coat, towel dry and blow dry.

The rinse may be applied as a spray whilst blow-drying or at shows to settle a coat just before entering the ring.